A Journey

in the Making

What people thought and impressions my sister and I made publicly, was stressed by my parents a lot!


I was introduced to the concept of "money was no object" shopping and fashion at a young age. My mother used to take me and my sister to Rich's, Macy's Sacks Fifth Avenue, Nieman Marcus and the Apparel Mart in Atlanta on a regular basis. 

Throughout my 20s I never considered how much I was spending. I just loved to shop. I loved the high I got from finding new items and having new outfits. Don't get me wrong. I still love to shop and I still love the high I get. But, now the high is for the bargains I find and pieces that match my style and wardrobe. During the young adult years, I  and if it was on sale, the better. 

The Start of a Self-Analysing Journey

As time went on and I eventually got married for the first time and had my oldest daughter at the age of 25; then my twin sons at age 25. and then youngest daughter at the age of 34, after getting married the second time. 

As the kids were growing up, I was a working mom, I started my obsession of self analysing my style. A lot of experimenting with my style equaled spending. I would question: What does my weekend look like? What does my work wardrobe look like? How do I incorporate what looks and styles I like "at that moment in time"?

Then I was in my 40s. The need to anlayse my style and this time "find it" was even greater. 

And then I turned 50.