Wardrobe Considerations for a Brand Photo Shoot

You have a few weeks before the camera is on you. You may be thinking as you prepare for your day in front of the camera: "This is not not going to be too hard. I'll just make sure I am dressed nicely for my photo and all will be good." Next thing you know, there will be a million things swarming around in your mind as you consider your selection of wardrobe items for outfits as well as your hair and makeup style for that day.

Yes: I said outfits. Your photo shoot is just not a portrait shot. You will start thinking how this photo shoot will be EVERYTHING! It is going to be all about you, your message that you are sending out to the world and your brand. All will be at stake based on the outcome of your final images that will appear on all your media collateral. No pressure, eh? This can be a daunting task for many. So to help ease any anxiety, I have given you list of 10 wardrobe suggestions to consider when putting your outfits together for you shoot. If you feel you will still struggle, I suggest contacting a personal stylist to guide you.

1. Permission to Go Shopping!

The traditional retail route is not the only way to go when finding clothing and accessories for your photo shoot. Scan consignment, specialty boutiques and rental shops. Don't forget the likes of eBay and Vinted if you are a seasoned online shopper and know what brands and sizes will suit you.

2. Don't Dress for a Season

Avoid wearing clothing that screams out a specific season. This will help you to avoid conflict. An example of this would be wearing a chunky festive jumper and using that image for a Spring or Summer promotion.

3. Don't Dress Too Trendy

Avoid trend dressing. Certain styles may look dated after a few months or year. This will mean another update to you images sooner than later.

4. Colour Choices

Make sure you select colours that brighten you up and bring out the best in you. Also try wearing colours that coordinate with your branding. If you have difficulty figuring out which colours suit you, try and find a Colour Analyst or a Personal Stylist who offers colour analysis.

5. No Fuss Necklines

Avoid necklines that are too low or fussy. Both can detract attention to your face. Experiment with tops and dresses with various necklines if you do not know which will suit you.

6. Dress How You Want to Be Addressed

Consider choosing at least one dress for your shoot. The right one can exude power, while being feminine. Just make sure it is a nice fit and it makes you feel like a million bucks!

7. Those Pesky Arms

Arms can be a bit of a sore subject for most women. Consider wearing a top or dress with a 3/4" sleeve length. Or, cover up with a tailored blazer or cardigan.

8. Shoes; Glorious Shoes!

Make sure you have shoes that compliment each outfit. If you will have full length photos either sitting down or standing up, wear heels. They will do wonders for your legs by elongating them and showing off your calf muscles.

9. Make a Statement

Wear a statement piece that speaks to you and your audience. This can be a piece of jewellery, eyeglasses, sunglasses, or hair accessories. These can be accent pieces that compliment an outfit or something personal that you have made as your signature piece.

10. If First You Don't Succeed...

Once you have chosen your wardrobe pieces and have put together your outfits, try them on. How does your outfit make you feel? Are you comfortable in them? If you aren't feeling it and can't say "Oh yeah! This is me!", then try to assemble something else and try again.

Your photo shoot is something to enjoy. It celebrates you and your brand! Isn't that a good thing?

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